Thursday, 27 October 2011

Time to get banner making!

I've done my best coming up with a range of ideas for slogans and effective imagery. At first I was sure I wanted to use an image of a shark being caught in a net- something like this...
...but I changed my mind because the image wasn't specifically confronting shark finning. After my research into shark finning it seemed silly to avoid the appearance of a shark after it has been finned-something which is so sad an horrific.
So, I'm going to keep the main image simple- a hammerhead with it's severed fins....
...something like this (not necessarily using this slogan).
So far the designing process has been frustrating because my resources are very limited without being able to gain access to studio equipment. This brief advises us to try and expand techniques we have been using recently. I would love to be able to do a large-scale image transfer using a colour copy of a painting because I think the watercolour is really effective in a design like the one above (loosely based on 'Jaws' poster style imagery with a single shark with a wide water background). But unfortunately I only have access to an A4 printer at the moment so this can't be an option.
However, I was impressed with the way Ed Hall's painted posters looked, so I am going to attempt to paint onto a large piece of fabric using acrylic and a large brush. I think done well, this could look great, but I haven't used acrylic paint, let alone at a large scale, for a long time, so I'm not so confident with how the results will look. I've tested on a small piece of the fabric how the paint will look, and I was disappointed. But, seeing as the piece of fabric was so small I had to use a much smaller brush, so the paint strokes weren't 'big' and gestural like I will have to do using the large brush for the banner. I quickly tested how blending looks using the large brush, and it seemed to look far more effective, so fingers crossed I can pull it together.

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