Monday, 3 October 2011

Family Research

As I am back in my home-town York for the weekend, I've taken the time today to visit my grandad and do a bit of exploring through grandma's old things.
Part of the project I am currently working on is concerned with a representation of a hope of mine, and I've decided to centre it around hoping to make my grandma proud and reflect her influence in my life. In looking through old photos and talking to my grandad about their marriage today I've realised I also hope to experience a family/marriage of my own one day that's as loving as theirs' was. Put simply, their relationship is a big inspiration.
Most of today was spent sorting through masses of photographs, some organised neatly in albums, others stacked up in boxes; a mixture of family generations. These I will either be sketching and using as transfers, or using the photographs themselves for transfers.
After looking at the photos we looked through drawers full of various little ornaments, letters, boxes full of jewellery (mostly broaches), little bottles of perfume, scarves, gloves and some of her old clothes. It reminded   me of how much of a hoarder she was. She valued things with memories: souvenirs, photos, postcards etc, all connecting to family and friends.
I think she would have been proud to be such an important part of a personal project of mine.

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