Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pulled apart By Horses!!

Last night was amazing! The show opened with The Computerswho I think I enjoyed just as much if not even more than P.A.B.H! Managed to get a few pictures of them, then once P.A.B.H started playing, my bag broke. The strap got ripped off so I had to go and leave all my things in the cloakroom, then back to the giant mosh-pit that filled the main area of the room. The last time I went to a gig this rowdy I had a handy perch on some stairs just at the edge, but this time I got hauled around, kicked in the head, hair pulled….etc. Safe to say I’ve never been that exhausted by a gig before, or looked as horrendous afterwards. So much fun though!
A little snippet of The Computers.
Pulled Apart By Horses performing 'Wolf Hand'.

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