Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Absorbed by Shrigley...

It's been a disgraceful amount of time since I last posted anything, in my opinion.
Today is an essay day- I've had a tutorial and am currently working on an essay with the title:

What have been the connections between fine art and design? Choose one specific decade and the design / designers must relate to your own pathway area and link their work/s to relevant post-modern ideas and theories.

I've chosen to look at Shrigley because he fits perfectly in to the brief, and I'm a bit of a fan already!
When my essay is done I will post it, but for now, here is a wonderfully articulated bit of writing from the introduction of WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? The essential David Shrigley:
Shrigley's maps and plans reveal an endemic predisposition on our own part to mislabelling: we do not know the names of our own parts, let alone the parts of anything else...
To quibble over whether Shrigley is a 'fine artist' or a cartoonist is just that: quibbling. He is, perhaps, neither-rather he is the maker of meta-textual chapbooks that simultaneously drag us back to a pre-literate past and flog us forward towards an unutterable future. 

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