Tuesday, 8 May 2012

One day brief with graphics

We were paired up with graphics students for a day-long brief where we had to create a page for a college prospectus. Mine and Phil's page was based on an average day in the life of illustration and graphics at Stockport college. We began by comparing our days, the main difference (and similarity) being the studio environment.

We wanted to show the similarities (i.e. both in studios, sharing a common room) and differences side by side, so we went with a Harvey two-face style idea, showing a single room divided into graphics and illustration. The graphics, in contrast to illustration, is very neat and plain. We used photographs of real work from the graphics and illustration studios to print out in tiny sizes to decorate the set-up with. Phil made desks and a sofa while I made the vending machine, and we used a pair of interesting characters we found in a cupboard in the illustration studio, along with a pair of chattering teeth in the role of a tutor (and Sam was kind enough to lend us a little bird she made). We hung signs around to describe the events of the day a little bit. Phil had originally designed the title banner (that I really liked!) but decided he hated it so we used my hand writing throughout.

We used a light and photo booth from the photography department to take the final image (above) using Paul's posh Canon camera. Phil was the capable photographer- the only difficult part was deciding where to focus. In the end the sharpest parts of the image were the student characters, which I think works well.

Last week we also managed to experiment briefly with some stop motion animation. We made a 12 second video showing the tutor (chattering teeth) speaking to both students then chasing the illustration girl out of the room. Overwhelmed by the commotion, the graphics student also collapses. I loved doing this animation- it was so simple! And a lot of fun. Hopefully I will be able to apply it more to my own work in a relevant way next year.

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