Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I, 2, 3

Advice to myself:

1. Don't be afraid to seek advice/criticism.
Sometimes I feel like I'm far too stubborn and protective with my ideas, before I've shared them with my tutors. I know I shouldn't be as scared about being open to criticism, because often it has meant that I've been able to keep my idea, just an improved version. I've really had confidence in my tutors understanding my work and being able to suggest useful ways of developing it as it is in progress, so it can reach its potential better. I should just stop being terrified that advice will send me off-track when it usually helps a great deal!

2. Be open to new techniques.
Tying into my first piece of advice, I think I should be open to suggestions for techniques that will help with the efficiency of my work. I've probably become too comfortable stuck with the things that I know. Maybe I should be more actively seeking ways of making my work commercially friendly and replicable.

3. Don't be worried that predominantly 'crafty' techniques won't show my drawing ability.
People have responded so well to my sculptural work that I worry they will think it is all I can do, when in fact, I still very much enjoy drawing and painting with watercolour. Thankfully I've been developing my work in a way that has allowed me to do a bit of everything-quite a 'multimedia' approach.

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