Sunday, 6 May 2012

Little White Lies (further, and very late) progression.

Finally I have allowed myself a little time to bring together my work for this brief. Last Friday's studio day was spent drawing away, studies of Natalie Portman's character from Black Swan again. I've done emulsion transfers of a  few of these and they came out really nicely- a hazy, slightly bluer effect than the original pencil and ink drawings.
Today I'm continuing with my drawings, and tomorrow will make a trip into college to get some photocopying of these done, ready for more transfers. I need a few more drawings to sew into/onto the wire structure of the swan I've made. I will be leaving it partly exposed with key quotes from the film sewn into the interior, so that you can look inside the swan to read these. Annoyingly, I had pre-made lots of carefully cut out feathers to sew to the swan, painted with black ink, and these seem to have mysteriously disappeared. I will have to do a frantic search for those or make some more.
It's probably a little late to be worrying too much about this, but I'm slightly concerned that this work will lose a lot of its impact when it is transferred into a 2D format. As I'm unable to get the help of the photography department to photograph at the moment, I will be attempting to get a decent photograph of the sculpture to use in my cover design. Hopefully it will work well enough, but I can't stop thinking how much better this will probably look as it is- i.e. viewed in person, as an object. Perhaps my work is evolving into something more suited to installation art work? I'm not sure if I like this or not....
Something for me to ponder over...

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