Saturday, 17 December 2011

Live Illustration in Manchester

On Thursday night me and my housemates went to attend a live illustration exhibition at the bar Night and Day. It began at 7.30 and ended at 12; unfortunately we couldn't attend the entire duration, but we did get a quick look at the canvases in progress. Although a lot of the artists weren't creating work to my taste, it was interesting watching them, and I have a lot of admiration for their ability to work under pressure, under the scrutiny of a big crowd. As you can see, it was difficult to get decent pictures in the cramped space!

Lord Whitney's contribution was a large paper cut out display at the back, lit up to cast shadows onto a sheet. It went well with the warm and cosy atmosphere of the bar.

I was impressed by the screen prints that were being sold; the designs were created by some of the artists who were creating the live illustrations. I bought a copy of a print (as a gift), that happened to be the screen that was used for the live printing, so got to print it myself. 
Since I've not explored screen printing in my own work so far (except for an induction earlier this year) this was a good opportunity to get a bit more practice, as I would like to look into screen printing for future work. I'm worried that at the moment the kind of work I'm creating isn't particularly commercially friendly (i.e. pencil drawings, hand made 3d work) so it would be good for me to become familiar with methods that are easier to duplicate quickly.

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