Thursday, 29 December 2011

Indulging in the Escapism of cinema

My parents treated my sister and me to a trip to see the new American adaption of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. As I haven't yet read the books or seen the original Swedish version, I cannot comment on any comparisons made; but as a film, it was extremely powerful.

Rooney Mara is absolutely absorbing in her role as Lisbeth Salander, the vulnerable let ruthless private detective assigned to help Mikael Blomkvist solve the mystery of a girl's disappearance many years ago.

The focal character, as named in the title, is Lisbeth herself, and the most interesting aspect of the plot is her relationship with Mikael, her personal living struggle, her illegal talents....basically just her. After an incredibly rough past she has been left hostile and antisocial, seemingly unable to relate normally to society in general; a situation not aided by her revolting social worker who has power over her money.

The emotional heart of the film is Lisbeth's attachment to Mikael, and the benefits and complications that brings; an element that certainly doesn't take away anything from the thriller genre.
I would highly recommend it!

"The feel bad movie of Christmas."


  1. I thought it was great but REALLY similar to the Swedish film, obviously they were both based on the book so there were bound to be some similarities but I felt like I was just watching the Swedish film... in English! haha oh except for the ending, that wasn't in the original film and I didn't like it, I thought they'd just added it to try and humanise Lisbeth almost? eh, dunno. xo

  2. haha, i feel like i really need to see the swedish ones! The ending frustrated me! But i did like it ending with her being attached to him n all...even though you don't really get to understand why she falls for him so badly?, but i'm soppy and like stuff like that XD x