Friday, 9 December 2011


Our latest brief, which will take us up to the end of term, is a collaboration project. Last Friday we were presented with 3 separate options for projects, and were then asked to sign our names up for one of them. Once divided into the separate groups we had to form teams of 2-4 people.

The project I decided to opt for is called 'Fiction & Reality'. Out of all the projects it is easily the most abstract and open-ended. I was immediately drawn to this aspect as I seem to work well by finding my own way into a brief and being able to manipulate it to suit me personally. I also like the mystery and intrigue side of things. However, I'm starting to realise that for me, this project was actually an incredibly difficult option! It lacks any definite outlines so leaves the message of the project almost entirely up to the group. The idea behind this project is that it is very focused on the conceptual aspect. The brief states
the outcome will not be necessarily tangible in the form of a logo, film, or surface design, for example. The brief is wide open for you to be experimental.
So far I feel this has been very challenging for my communication skills. It has involved a great deal of discussion on the idea. Making sure everyone is on the same wavelength is incredibly difficult, and there has been compromise and disagreement. In my normal work I am so used to having an idea that I'm entirely confident and happy with; it's so different when you have to vocalise everything you're thinking and justify everything to others before it is possible to get to work. The original formation of our group (myself and Rachel paired up, then invited Cat) has been shaky so far due to two of us being ill, which has meant it's been very difficult to clarify our ideas and be confident that we are all happy and ready to move forward. The initial concept has since been altered, and (since yesterday afternoon) we have finally pulled together (including the recruitment of a new team member) with a solid idea which we can begin organising. The terrifying thing is we only have a week and a few days til the deadline, and our mystery event is to be held  in a week's time!

Today we will be presenting our idea to a panel of cross-pathway tutors-fingers crossed it will go well.

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