Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Portfolio Review with Craig Oldham

I got in touch with Craig from the Manchester based design company Music. My class were briefed by him last term for the ongoing Fishtank competition to decorate their studio. Here's what he said:
'Emily, hello.
Thanks for sending through your book.The studio is somewhat crazy at present so please forgive my somewhat brief feedback.
If I'm honest I prefer the more three-dimensional pieces in your book.It would be better I think to show more of these (as in more views on them).Also, treat them as objects and try shooting them better—think more about the context of them, should they be in the kitchen, in the set, or should it just be about the object? Do you need hands in there? Is there a completely different context? What was their intention? 
Thinking about this will help your 'storytell' better in your book.

Hope that helps.All the best.
His feedback seems to reflect most people's reaction to my work, in that he is drawn to the most 3D pieces. His advice about shooting them better is also a valuable point and it's something I will definitely look to improve. However, I feel that not being able to meet him for a review of my physical work may have hampered his understanding of it. Maybe this suggests that I need to arrange certain pieces better to let the work explain itself. The suggestion that I need to treat my creatures as objects makes me feel that I need to think carefully about how to convey a narrative in an image using 3D characters in future- obviously this will be particularly important for the images I'm creating at the moment for my book. I don't want the animals I make to be seen as stand-alone objects all the time.

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