Monday, 8 April 2013

Further pampering and preening for Mr. Wolf...

Although my wolf character has looked to be in an acceptable state for a while (enough to build my book narrative plans around him), there always seems to be room for picky little adjustments.
Certain improvements have been entirely necessary though; in particular, the addition of his hands and feet (or paws-something of a werewolfy mix). I found I'd been putting off adding them because I wasn't quite sure how to go about making them. It was quite a fiddly process, and I was unhappy at the though of probably needing to use glue at this point, to fix wool to wire (I'm not sure why, I have a stubborn reluctance to go beyond tying and sewing to fix things together). But I'm glad to say I managed without, and it was just a case of wrapping wool around wire and tying it securely. In the end, building the shape of the hand around the 'skeleton' was easier than I thought with the wrapping method.
In-keeping with the idea of the wolf character being a dangerously charming predator, I made him a tiny fitted jacket to add to his 'suave' appearance. I have yet to add a few buttons here and there, but I'm satisfied I've got an almost complete figure to work with. Now he just needs a grandma night-gown, and to meet little Red Riding Hood!

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