Saturday, 22 September 2012

Year 3, here we go!

September has marked the start back at college, a new studio room and a new set of classmates who have merged with us from surface design. We have made ourselves at home in our new space with a new set of rules-signs that we created for a one day brief, assisted by the illustrator Darren Newman, who has a great flair for creative typography.
As a class we split into groups and thought up suggestions for some studio rules, then as a group voted for the ones we thought were the best. The winning rules were then divided up randomly between the groups and we had to create a sign or them. Bryony and I were dealt "Don't be a knob."
After getting over the initial awkwardness, we decided that we would go all out and create something appropriately audacious (as was only fitting, with the tone of our rule...we hope).
Here is the result:

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