Saturday, 22 September 2012

'Potential Dream Subjects'

The content of our zine for this brief is meant to be inspired by our personal projects. Initially I got a little carried away with my ideas for how I'd love to fill a zine...veering off from the dream theme that I need to focus on. So, I'm reigning in my excitement and trying to produce content that is a little more focused and appropriate...

Using one of the blank books I have made, I've started to create a zine of portraits. The portraits will be a mixture of life/memory and from photos I've taken- in other words, people through my eyes. Either people I know well, or the ones I will (hopefully be brave enough to) draw sneakily from a distance are part of my everyday experiences...and the extent that they affect me won't be evident until I dream. All the people I see are potentially dream subjects, so this is the theme of the zine. If it's successful, I hope the drawings themselves may even be a vague indicator of how these people might appear to me in dreams- perhaps the people I take the attention to draw in more detail are in turn more significant in dreams, and more vivid in appearance.

Here is my first page, a sketch of my housemate Bryony, sitting in the sofa room at college:

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