Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mojo Fury Came To Town

It was quite exciting to get the chance to see Michael Mormecha and his band Mojo Fury in our home town, York. They arrived on tour, supporting InMe alongside Lost Alone. 

I always forget what an impressive city York is, with it's history and beautiful old buildings.
Venue Mouse seemed quite impressed, particularly by the Minster:

We were lucky enough to be guest-listed for the show at Fibbers. Bizarrely enough, we also saw Kieran, our print room technician at college there! I was too nervous to take pictures, so here's a couple from Bryony:
We got to go out with the bands afterwards, which was, again, so surreal in such familiar surroundings!

Bryony and I


Anna and Phoebe 

happy Michael

Venue Mouse right before a dangerous fall

The morning after the gig Bryony and I met up with Michael for a mini tour of York. We met at the Minster gardens and wandered to the Museum Gardens, by the river, and back through the main streets, past the market and down the famous old street, the Shambles, before we had to say our farewells.

We returned to Manchester and the usual miserable weather, until Saturday 24th March when the sunshine and the tour bus returned! In the shorts and t-shirt weather I went to meet up with Michael for a wander round Manchester. The tour bus was parked down the side alley of Moho Live. I got a quick peek and a cup of coffee inside.
Somehow, I managed to get the start time of the gig completely wrong (we aimed to arrive at 8.30pm when in fact it was due to begin at 6pm), so we had missed both of the support bands. Moho was much busier than Fibbers, and InMe seemed to be enjoying the enthusiastic crowd.
Michael decided to trust me with his InMe pass so that we could hopefully get into Zoo with them for free for an after-party.
But, in the end they decided Zoo was weird and came to a couple of bars with us instead.
The lovely weather continued the next day. We enjoyed a day out in the garden and were even treated to some real Irish made potato cakes!
Michael is an extremely messy cook
Me and Bryony had two each!

They were our guests for one more night before departing on Monday to continue with the tour.
Here is my souvenir:

What a great weekend!

Mojo Fury's debut album Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus is available on itunes.
Free track Grounds can be downloaded for free here ...
And El here ...
And Deep Fish Tank [Factory Settings]here.

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