Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Contacting the Industry

Getting in touch with illustrators is still a daunting prospect. Not because I'm short of people I would love to be able to talk to; I have a lovely long list of designers that I have been collecting (and continuously adding to) for that very purpose. But I never know exactly how to word my emails-am I being too grovelly? Is flattery the best way? Which people appreciate formality rather than informality? I just want to get across the fact that I am genuinely interested in their work and what they have to say. I try and imagine the kind of message I would like to receive (in my fantasy where I am a successful artist and a student would seek advice and inspiration from me). There are SO many talented people out there. At the moment I am mainly using my tumblr blog to spot artists' work that has been reblogged-this comes in very handy! I have been made aware of so many artists I probably wouldn't otherwise have noticed.

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