Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Last week’s critical studies meeting

We were asked to read an article in preparation for discussion with our critical studies group.
Here is an attempt at a summary of the article I wrote in the session:

This is an essay based on an interview of James Victore by Steven Heller. It discusses his significant pieces of polemical poster works which respond to contemporary moral issues that he feels strongly about; it examines their successfulness and Victore’s progression to create his most effective possible way of impacting, as a graphic designer, on what he perceives as society’s evils.

His work made comment on the following issues:

  • Columbus day celebrations ignoring the inadvertent genocide of the Native Americans.
  • The 1993 race riots in Brooklyn between Hasidic Jews and their African-American neighbours.
  • The right-wing U.S Senator Jesse Helm's campaign for a return to 'family values' (antihomosexual and antiabortion rights).
  • The casual instillation of prejudice and hatred to impressionable young children.
  • The racism inherent in the death penalty.
The text was engaging, and conveys admiration; the writer is clearly very passionate about Victore's work.
He's a very passionate designer; the article suggests he is extremely determined and driven. The following video interview with him supported this.

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