Thursday, 23 May 2013


I've been spending a lot of time recently making the forest scenery that will be the background for a lot of my illustrations in Little Red Riding Hood. This hasn't been an easy process!
The first step was gathering the twigs that would represent the trees. The next was to figure out a way of making them stand up. I came up with the idea of building them a wire base that they could rest in. Making the mesh was tricky and I had a lot of scratches on my hands after this...
The next problem was the weight of the trees in the wire. they had a tendency to warp the shape of it and it wasn't a very sturdy set-up, so I decided to strengthen the base using mod roc.
I added paint to the mod roc so that the white wouldn't show through after I put the knitted wool over the surface (as the grass/vegetation).

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