Wednesday, 6 March 2013

On with my FMP!

Now that the Lord Whitney brief is out of the way, I can re-aquaint myself with my wolf! He has been abandoned untouched for too long, and it's time to bring him to life.

This week has been very positive; I feel freshly motivated again. On Monday I focused on the story and how the pictures in my book will look. I created a rough set of images-a very basic storyboard of how I think the narrative might progress, based on a loose idea of my version of the story.

Next, I will transfer these scribbly ideas into a 'mock-up' book, a hand-bound document very quickly put together to act as a guide for how my final product will turn out. As this will be very much a guide, I can afford to re-draw elements and cut and stick the text of the story into it temporarily, to allow editing as my ideas change; so although this may not initially be a reliable draft, it will be a very useful tool to keep me focused as I am in the process of producing the final illustrations.

Although there is a lot of work to do on the characters' environment (I will need to construct backgrounds as shown in my storyboard images: Little Red Riding Hood's house, the woods, grandma's cottage etc) my wolf is almost ready to go...

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