Sunday, 18 November 2012

Zine project work in progress

As our zines were meant to be related to our personal projects, I decided that some of the content of mine should be made up of photographs of my dream heart cages, as I had begun over summer (see previous post here). I managed to create three in total. Initially the obvious option for photographing them was to use the studio at college, as I have done for previous projects, but it seemed like quite a sterile environment to put the objects in. I asked for my friend Tom (a photography student) to help me go out and take pictures of them in an environment where I could hang them from tree branches. This background helps to create a more dreamy atmosphere for the hearts; coordinates with the flower pattern on the fabric; and in my mind helps to symbolise that the dreams themselves are a natural and mysterious phenomenon.

Due to time restraints on both sides, we ended up with very limited time to go out and get the photos done. We also found that it was very difficult to stop the hearts from spinning round once I had hung them up! Tom managed to get some good shots though. It was slightly problematic photographing the hearts to look good as objects, as well as making sure that the angle revealed the images inside them. As this project is still not officially assessed until our module deadline at Christmas, I'm keen to experiment more with some close-ups that focus on the drawings inside, as well as more of the hearts from a distance.

I will also need time to add further content to the zine itself, so that it doesn't simply become a book full of photos...but it would still be nice to keep a little side-project booklet of the photos on their own, seeing as the sculptures took a lot of time and effort to complete!

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