Sunday, 22 July 2012

Personal Project

Our summer brief this year (which will be extended over the 3rd year term time) is a self directed project.
'In short this is your time to create and work on your dream project.'
I couldn't be happier to have this opportunity!
My dream project is in fact, on dreams.
I've been looking a lot at Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams. Far from being the daunting read I thought it was going to be, after years of lurking on my bookshelf, it has provided some fascinating insight into the de-coding of the human mind's (arguably) deepest mystery.
Helpfully, the book has not been written self-indulgently at all. Freud draws from a range of other figures and beliefs when examining different aspects of his dream theories, which has provided me with a great range of quotes and particularly interesting points to focus on.

For example, I've been finding it particularly interesting to look at the theories behind the source of dream content. Freud, and mostly all modern theorists have declared dreams are a psychological activity- the mental images of the sleeper. Yet, in complete contrast, it was previously common belief that dreams were an experience introduced by a divine agency, to either help or hinder the dreamer. It would be interesting to look at dream theories from times when a less scientific view was applied, and note any connections that are still relevant to modern psychology today...

At the moment I am working on a piece which has developed from a Johann Gebhard Ehrenreich Maass quote:
Experience confirms our view that we dream most frequently of the things on which our warmest passions are centred...the lover is busied in his dreams with the object of his sweet hopes...All the sensual desires and repulsions that slumber in the heart can if anything sets them in motion, cause a dream to arise from the ideas that are associated with them or cause those ideas to intervene in a dream that is already present.

It is a wire heart framework which I'm stitching scraps of fabric over. It's quite a translucent fabric so I think it will be quite interesting to see how it will photograph when placed in front of a light source. It will allow me to place images and words inside the heart that will be visible through the fabric...but still slighty hidden. Like the mysteries of the heart can be hidden, until they are illuminated, perhaps, through a dream...

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