Monday, 9 January 2012

The joys of gingerbread architecture.

My dad, my sister and I are the proud builders of this gingerbread house (granted, it was not made from scratch but a gingerbread house making kit). I attempted to build it first with a friend. The first instruction was to melt some sugar to use to glue the pieces of the house together. It was EXTREMELY hot so we decided to leave it to cool for a while, only to return to a bowl full of set which point we gave up. 
So my dad took it upon himself to have another go the next day. He managed to glue the house together with extremely hot melted sugar (and now has heat blisters to prove it). I decorated the roof using an assortment of m&ms, jelly tots, chocolate drops and squeezed icing. Anna finished off with a few more icing details around the edge of the house, and a dusting of winter icing sugar! 
We haven't demolished it as yet. 

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